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Lights in the dark 🌟
  1. I heard a girl ~10 years old on the subway say to her mom: "who's your favorite person? I mean, besides yourself."
    😭 never change ever please
  2. My sister just finished an amazing internship at literally her dream lab, doing what she's dreamed of doing her whole life and I'm SO PROUD
  3. I recently got an AC unit in my apartment
  1. And I'm freaking out
  2. But also the Tonys are making everything better by making me weep with joy
  3. And just generally distracting me with musicals and joy
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  1. Michaela Pratt
  2. Alicia Florrick
  3. Blair Waldorf
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  1. Within the first five minutes of meeting her, she told me:
  2. 1. She "always feels like she's in everybody's way, like 90% of my life," and
  3. 2. She hates buying shorts because her hips are so wide.
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And it takes a lot for me to pay for TV
  1. Naturally Sadie
  2. Braceface
  3. Life with Derek
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  1. The pups
  2. The food
  3. 🗽😋
  1. When a woman comes to work with wet hair and it's considered a cry for help equivalent to coming to work in her underwear
    Maybe sometimes you just don't have time in the morning???
  2. Woman immediately reveals a secret once tempted by sex, because she has no self control or principles
  3. A whole kingdom is literally destroyed by two women's cattiness
  1. Our House
    Crosby, Stills and Nash
  2. Thinking Out Loud
    Ed Sheeran
  3. All of Me
    John Legend
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  1. Green juice cocktails
    And the people who drink them
If no authority figures will issue such a decree, I guess it falls to me.
  1. Changing your clothes
    I have seen no less than THREE individuals completely change their pants on NJ transit. It must be stopped!!!
  2. Eating Egg sandwiches
    I get that this is like your morning commute routine, but I did not order an egg sandwich and thus I have not chosen to be subject to these odors.
  3. Putting on lotion
    I will begrudgingly allow a discreet nonscented one, but the majority of the time, it is such a strong smell!! Add to that the general grossness of putting on lotion and then touching a subway pole with your greasy hands. All in all bad situation.
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