Disclaimer: this is not a list of things that necessarily came out in 2015, but I saw them in 2015. Also, no specific genre, just things I like.
  1. The West Wing
    For keeping my brain active while simultaneously melting into the couch
  2. Master of None
    For skewing the average age of someone with my interests down a few decades
  3. Hamilton
    I don't want to be that asshole who tells you it's worth the ticket price, but I am.
  4. SORTED food
    This is a YouTube cooking channel where these 4 or 5 guys cook together, but only one of them actually knows how to cook, so it's super informative. And they all have British accents
  5. 1989 Tour
    I was somewhat reluctant to shell out the money for this concert, but afterwards I can state with certainty that I would have paid 5x what I did for that experience
  6. Sara Bareilles
    A genius and a true talent. I'm dying to see her live.
  7. Serial
    SEASON 1 ONLY. Season 2 is *all right* so far. Not deserving of the best list yet, sorry
  8. iPhone 6 Plus
    I got this phone and I almost exchanged it on the spot for a smaller model, but now I am deeply and passionately in love with it and will defend it to the grave
  9. An emoji is the word of the year
    What a time to be alive
  10. Dear Hank and John
    I cannot for the life of me describe to anyone what this podcast is about, but it gives me life and gets me through workouts on days when I don't want to be exercising
  11. Land's End
    Guys, Land's End is somehow becoming a cool brand. Whoever just revamped their marketing and styling deserves two serious thumbs up
  12. The Mindy Project on Hulu
    This show has gone from my favorite light comedic fare to something that reflects my deep inner values. A+ to the whole team, for making such a seamless transition between the two
  13. All the Light We Cannot See
    Oof. Just go read it. It will destroy you in the best way possible
  14. Parm NYC
    Serving up the highest quality eggplant parm I've had the pleasure of enjoying