This must be what the whole world felt like around 12 years ago. Send help. (also, spoiler alert, but not really because of the whole 12-years-have-passed aspect)
  1. Not sure if I love or hate that Carrie and Big end up together
  2. Can people change??
  3. Can shitty people find love with other shitty people?
  4. Is it wrong that I think they're both shitty people?
  5. Really important digression here: John McCain is a self-proclaimed lover of SATC and that makes me like him a little bit.
  6. I am beyond in love with the fact that, although Carrie and Big do have their big moment, the episode and the series still end with the most important thing: the friends.
  7. Charlotte has somehow become a really great person through all her hardship, and I love her and she feels real emotions, unlike some people at that table.
  8. Miranda has become a mother and a daughter and a wife but in the best possible way, caring about people outside of herself and her job.
  9. Samantha.... Almost told someone she loves him. She hasn't quite come as far. Shrug
  10. When Carrie starts talking about what would have happened if she never met them and can't even finish her sentence, I cried. What if!!!!
  11. I'm still not sure if I even want Carrie to be happy, which is a failure on her part as a person but an amazing choice by the writers and creators.
  12. Can I be them?
  13. I want to have made this show.
  14. "Don't laugh at me, but maybe we could be each others soulmates? And then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with."
    -Charlotte York
  15. Follow-up: this article sums up all of my feelings and is by one of my favorite TV people, Emily Nussbaum