1. People will throw garbage into anything that even slightly resembles a garbage can.
  2. When people ask you to do something, it's important to know if you can actually say no or if it's an instruction disguised as a question.
  3. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius.
  4. It's hard to have friends when you're an adult.
  5. The Good Wife is basically The West Wing of our time. Meaning, you should watch it.
  6. There are very few things that popcorn and/or ice cream can't fix.
  7. Buying light bulbs is distinctly harder than one would expect.
  8. If your landlord tells you he will paint a wall / do anything, he may or may not ever do the thing. Nothing can be done.
  9. Some crazy people will be in line at Auntie Anne's soft pretzel stand no matter the hour. Part of a balanced breakfast?