1. 13 Going on 30
    Mark Ruffalo in this movie is an angel. When they fall off the swing and lie on the ground. Ugh.
  2. PS I Love You
    Okay, this one is a slight exception to the list because I will watch it whenever I want to cry. But tbh that's not much different from any time of any day.
  3. About Time
    Sucker for a good time traveler. Especially when he has an English accent.
  4. Juno
    Nothing gives me so much hope in young awkward love as this gem. And beautiful to look at: That hamburger phone is iconic
  5. Little Miss Sunshine
    Words cannot describe my feelings of intense joy when I even utter the name of this cinematic masterpiece. Way too good to even exist, every time I watch it I am amazed and awed in new ways. Plus it has the advantage of actually being considered a "good" ish movie, so I can say it's my favorite without excessive judgment
  6. The Social Network
    No explanation needed.