Things I experienced/read/saw in 2016, not necessarily created in 2016
  1. The last moment when I thought Hillary Clinton might be our president and felt generally optimistic about the world. It was a simpler time.
  2. YA Fiction
    I've gotten really into YA this year, and I can read them quickly because I'm not a YA, so I can go through like 3 books in a day, which adds a whole other level of enjoyment to the whole thing. A standout is I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
    As previously discussed in my celeb crush list, I have a weird thing for Joshua Malina, but this podcast is also generally excellent and discusses one of my all time fave shows.
  4. Arrival and La La Land
    My 2 best movies of the year. They're very very different from each other, but I think both reflect a kind of optimism or purity of spirit that the real world seems to have been lacking as of late.
  5. Being Boring
    This year I am working on accepting that I like boring things. I have gotten better at not describing my job and then saying "I know it doesn't sound that fun," because I've realized that most people's jobs aren't fun! I like my job, and I don't care who knows it!
  6. Re watching The Office
    There is never a year when this is not my MO
  7. Littlejohn's Toffee
    This company is California-based, but you can order their life-changing toffee online for a relatively low shipping fee, and IT COULD NOT BE MORE WORTH IT. The only downside is you may eat the whole box in one sitting, so I might recommend ordering a low quantity.
  8. Halloween!
    I am always and forever into Halloween, but I'm into it in a pure and child-like way where I just want to wear a fun costume and eat candy. This year I accepted that about myself and didn't try to pretend and wear a short skirt or go to a weird club-ish party.
  9. The Marnie episode of Girls
    I already love Allison Williams, and this episode was such a scrumptious bite of perfection, plot-wise and cinematically.
    I will eat up any media that Lin-Manuel Miranda gives me, but this one is an especially wonderful gift. It came out 2 songs at a time, so I had the opportunity to appreciate (read: listen to 1000+ times) each song in its own right as well as the mixtape as a whole.