Questionable Celebrities I Have / Have Had a Crush on

Alt title: Celebrities I Have a Questionable Crush on
  1. Josh Malina, in any and all roles
    Especially scandal. I can't explain it, it just happened to me.
  2. Leslie Odom, Jr.
    Only questionable because I am so on his wife's team in this life. They are PERFECT together.
  3. Raviv Ullman
    Formerly Ricky Ullman (Disney-fied name). He's Phil of the Future. Still looking GREAT
  4. Jeremy Renner
    Most people seem to think he is actually NOT the star of Avengers. I beg to differ. Also, remember when he did that musical number on SNL? I do.
  5. John Gallagher, Jr.
    If you don't get this one, I can't explain it, beyond GO WATCH THE NEWSROOM RIGHT NOW. That headset has never looked better.
    Two words: Ben Wyatt. One more word: Calzones.
  7. Neal Brennan
    Idk guys... Idk