A highlight of my life, tbd. Thanks for the request, @aubreywhy
  1. I was planning on going to see The Hollars with my friend, largely because John Krasinski directed / is in it.
  2. THEN!
  3. The very morning of the day on which we were to see this movie, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that he was doing a Q and A after one specific showing at the Lincoln Square theater.
  4. I immediately texted my friend, she immediately freaked out because we are on The Same Page when it comes to important things like John Krasinski, and we immediately bought tickets for said showing.
  5. We saw the movie, which was pretty good and reeeeally sad, cried a lot.
  6. THEN, as we were wiping our eyes, who came from the back of the theater but JOHN KRASINSKI.
  7. (To preface this next part, I want to point out that I am not the type of person who is into celebrities in a personal way. I don't think less of people who obsess over their lives, I just personally don't.)
  8. And yet, as he walked down the aisle past me and proceeded to speak intelligently and answer all of our questions about the movie, I had a physically anxious and excited reaction.
  9. Because it was like Jim! Is here! In front of me!
  10. And The Office has seriously gotten me through like every single thing in my life. It's the closest thing we have to a perfect show. In my opinion.
  12. So nice and beautiful and grateful and humble and kind.
  13. And so now I've become the type of person who obsesses over (a) celebrity.
  14. 🤔😁😍
  15. Static