A list of things no sane person would be nostalgic for, but then here I am.
  1. NBC's Thursday night lineup
    When it was The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec right in a row. Golden age, truly.
  2. Snack Time
    Now i sit at work all day and eat snacks whenever I please. But for some reason it was the best when an authority figure would set aside a certain time for my carrot sticks and crackers.
  3. Shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch
    Seriously, this one might be the worst. In middle and early high school, you could not be cool unless you shopped at certain stores. But I miss knowing which stores to shop at! Who knows what's certified cool anymore?!
  4. Calling other people smart and being called smart
    Okay this seems super douchey. But listen. Smart used to be a totally acceptable adjective. Some people are smarter than others, objectively. Now, if you do something right, everyone else just sort of glares at you and wishes they thought of it first.
  5. Staying home sick
    I don't want to BE sick. I just want to be able to stay home sick with a slight cold every now and then. In school, this used to be a-okay with everyone, but in the workplace, despite the fact that very little actually gets done on any given day, everyone makes you feel bad for staying home.
  6. No-shame bagels
    Eating bagels as an adult woman is an uphill battle. Every time I have one, if anyone sees me, they immediately say something like "a bagel is, like, 6 slices of bread" in an extremely condescending tone. Whoever made that fact up is on my bad side. Bagels are delicious, and I will not be shamed. Also, who's to say I wouldn't eat 6 slices of bread