Inspired by @zoe
  1. Sandwich
    Tuna fish. Mayo. Lots of lettuce. LOTS of pickles. S&P. White bread but trying to get into wheat for the fiber.
  2. Salad
  3. Tacos
    Taco truck tacos with the meat sliced off the spit. Salsa. No onions/cilantro.
  4. Sushi
    Salmon sashimi favorite by far. Can eat this all day, erry day. Wish it wasn't so damn pricy.
  5. Drink
    Diet Coke. Iced tea. Water.
  6. Diner
    Chili cheese fries. Soup.
  7. Fast food
    In N Out. Wendy's burgers. Jack in the Box breakfast.
  8. Birthday
    A nice dinner with my boo. Flowers. Don't celebrate with friends anymore - too much pressure. Wish my family was closer for my birthday :(
  9. Meltdown
    In the car. Screaming and crying, and if it's super bad, near hyperventilating.
  10. Friends
    People who let me flake and don't get mad. People who accept me. People who text a lot. People who make me laugh. Smart preferred.