I've been sick in bed since Sat night, & am finally feeling better - thanks antibiotics! So it's been hard to process the #OrlandoShooting...but I'm gonna try.
  1. between feeling like shit physically and the news about the #OrlandoShooting, it's been hard to feel anything but despair.
  2. this is beyond a pattern or epidemic - this is genocide. Americans killing Americans with American guns.
  3. there is literally nowhere safe - schools, movies, churches, clubs. Should we isolate? Is it our only option left to feel safe?
  4. Virginia Tech, my alma mater, where I never locked my doors, where the cows almost outnumbered the people, had the dubious distinction of having the largest mass killing in the US - until Saturday.
  5. but as our hearts somewhat heal, and life goes on with 50 less innocent people in the world, I resolve to not give in to the despair.
  6. we WILL figure this out, we WILL take down the @NRA, and we WILL fix the 2nd amendment.
  7. tomorrow, I'm going to put on my big girl pants, go to work for the first time this week, do my very best, and make a difference in some little way towards stopping this genocide.
  8. and now, I leave you with the fragile and perfect words of @Lin_Manuel, who was a shining beacon of hope on Sunday night.
  9. Love is love is love is love is love is love.
  10. Static