I just joined Costco for the first time, and had today off from work. Thought it would be the perfect day for a quick trip.......
  1. Costco gas is cheap. The lines are long, but move pretty fast.
  2. Parking is a nightmare. Fierce competition for spots.
  3. People line up and wait for samples. Gotta be quick to get one.
  4. The scooter people are the worst. They take forever, drive down the middle of the aisles causing traffic jams, and are generally disagreeable.
  5. Almost everyone's cart had the 18 pack of organic eggs in it.
  6. The people that work there are very helpful, and there are lots of them. Very important when you have no idea where anything is and need to ask someone.
  7. Will never ever go again midday during the week. First thing in the am or right before it closes.
  8. They don't sell minestrone soup :(
  9. So. Many. People.
  10. Online delivery services are taking over the world. Especially Google's.
  11. Spent three hours there and spent $143. Pretty proud of not spending more. Most of the time was figuring out where stuff was, and dodging people and carts.
  12. Still excited about my membership, but slightly traumatized by today's experience.