1. Not receiving texts and messages throughout the day from friends and flirtationships
    I have a perennial fear (as do all my age, I think/hope) that my non familial loved ones don't care for me to the level I care for them
  2. Receiving texts and messages from friends and flirtationships while I'm watching Netflix or Hulu on my phone, forcing me to stop watching in order to read and answer
    I'm just trying to binge watch West Wing you guys, gimme a break, it's taking me way too long to get to Donna and Josh hooking up (and don't even think about telling me they don't bone, I mean, seriously)
  3. Guys I'm casually seeing not texting me at least once every couple days to remind me they're still interested
    I like to be reminded
  4. Guys I'm casually seeing only texting "Hey" as a way to remind me they're still interested
    I don't know how to answer that
  5. Group texts that never shut up about unimportant things
    Jules, nobody cares about your dog being adorable, or the peanut butter cookies you're baking for your friend's mom
  6. Not being invited to join group texts that may or may not never shut up about unimportant things
    This can lead to a downward spiral of not being invited to things, plus obviously this group text without me is only gossiping about me and my pathetic life