Things I learned from losing 17 pounds in 4 weeks

(Don't try this at home folks, wasn't exactly fun)
  1. With proper motivation, I can literally eat the same meals every day and not get tired of them
    (2 eggs, a banana and a slice of toast in the morning, grilled chicken and salad for lunch, turkey meatball sandwich for dinner. Repeat.)
  2. Trying to find the time to cook and prepare my meals is hard
    Especially on a busy college student's schedule
  3. When I'm alone and bored is when I'm most likely to break my diet
    Sorry, but those gummy bears in the cabinet are dangerous at 1am on Friday night when I'm home alone
  4. Cross-training low impact workouts are not only effective, but necessary so that you don't hurt yourself
    Bike, elliptical, erg, walk, run, swim, cardio is cardio and it doesn't matter which three you choose each day or how hard you go, just go for long enough to make it count
  5. Cardio is a really really great excuse to catch up on your shows
    New Girl, The Good Wife, Veep, Silicon Valley, The Mindy Project, etc.
  6. People trying to be nice can be really annoying too
    To that friend who shouted down the crowded hallway at me "Sarah, have you lost weight?!" ... "Yea..."
  7. Losing weight does not solve life problems
    At all. Just makes you need to buy a belt. Stupid jeans keep falling down.