inspired by @dfly but a totally true story
  1. Alright, yes for random Tuesday night fun. This is what graduating from college is all about.
  2. No homework to do, just going to see a movie with my best friend.
  3. On a school night. Because I can.
  4. Okay, Taylor said the 7pm showing of Me Before You.
  5. She's not here yet, but there's actually a really big line for a Tuesday night, and it's 6:50.
  6. I'll just get in line, she can join me when she gets here.
  7. 6:54- I should check my phone and see if she's texted.
  8. She's probably just parking.
  9. The line's only getting bigger behind me.
  10. Wow, there are like 40 kids here to see Finding Dory at 7:15.
  11. I'm almost next, if she doesn't get here fast she's going to have to wait behind all these kids.
  12. We'll miss the previews.
  13. I love the previews.
  14. They're my favorite.
  15. I've already read this book, I know how it ends, and it's awful.
  16. I'm only really here for the popcorn and the previews.
  17. And to see Taylor, of course.
  18. I'm next. 6:59.
  19. Where is she?
  20. I should've known she'd be late.
  21. She's always late.
  22. We literally became best friends because she was late to Elena's 4th birthday party, and my mom felt bad and let her and her mom have a second party with us. We went to McDonald's down the road for Happy Meals.
  23. I should really recognize that the entire foundation of our friendship is that she was late to an event.
  24. I mean, I guess she was 3. So it was really her parents' faults.
  25. But still.
  26. Do I buy her ticket?
  27. I can, it's not like she'd care.
  28. But wait, I'm going to see the biggest chick flick of the year.
  29. On a Tuesday.
  30. Clearly alone.
  31. And don't try to think it's not, Sam Claflin is shirtless in this movie. Like, a lot.
  32. Would it look more sad if I bought two tickets? Or one?
  33. Because everyone around me is here for Finding Dory.
  34. So clearly I'm alone.
  35. Taylor hasn't texted me back. She must still be driving.
  36. I feel like if I buy two tickets it will look even more sad.
  37. Like buying one ticket is me being that girl whose boyfriend just broke up with her and now is here to drown her sorrows in movie popcorn butter and Sam Claflin.
  38. But buying two tickets is me being the exact same girl, with an imaginary friend.
  39. Or a desperate need to seem like I have friends. Or I'm being stood up.
  40. I'll just buy one ticket. Then Taylor can feel this way when she gets here.
  41. She is late, after all.
  42. Oh god the ticket person is totally judging me.
  43. Stop judging me ticket lady.
  44. I have friends.
  45. Yes, I'm single.
  46. But that doesn't mean I'm a depressed spinster.
  47. I'll just buy our snacks while I wait for her.
  48. Oh there she is!
  49. 7:12. I'll just stand here and eat all of our popcorn while she waits in line for her ticket.
  50. We're totally going to miss the previews.