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  1. Cece's Birthday!
    The only thing keeping me from immediately jumping into Halloween is that my best friend came into existence on the 16th. But on the 17th, it's Halloween. (We may or may not be hanging out with her baby nephews and going to New Orleans so there's that too)
  2. College Football is back
    In 30 minutes I'll be putting myself in a Labor Day football coma. I'm starting off with my dad's team Vandy (he went for med school) and ending on Monday with the Rebs! Hotty Toddy!
  3. Groving
    Where there is football there is the Grove. Which means day drinking and yummy food, and themed tents and Pom poms.
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A list to be updated frequently
  1. Eclipsed
    Saw in June
  2. Shuffle Along
    Saw in June
  3. The Crucible
    Saw in June
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It feels like a perfect night to eat gluten at midnight. #feeling22
  1. Magnolia Bakery
    Call them trite, I really don't care. All hail the cupcake queen.
  2. Russ and Daughters
    More like birthday fish than carbs but that's where the bagels and latkes come in.
  3. Second Line
    It's all about the cheese fries and enchiladas
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  1. Russ and Daughters
    "I love you always forever/near and far/ closer together"
  2. Juliana's
    Grimaldi's can suck it and I'm not afraid to say it
  3. Blockheads
    Getting a head start on that whole jaded actor "happy" hour
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Wispy: it's deferent from tipsy. My voice gets breathy and my body looks like you could blow it over with one wisp of wind
  1. Funkys
    Home of thirsty Thursdays and Katy Perry. Land of great decisions and awful decisions.
  2. Second Line
    Get the "Do you think I'm pretty?" and an order of pimento cheese fries. You can thank me later.
  3. Blockheads 91st and Amsterdam
    One of the most economical ways to get wispy on the upper west side
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