1. Russ and Daughters
    "I love you always forever/near and far/ closer together"
  2. Juliana's
    Grimaldi's can suck it and I'm not afraid to say it
  3. Blockheads
    Getting a head start on that whole jaded actor "happy" hour
  4. Serafina
    Truffle pasta for days. And by days I mean minutes because we will devour it.
  5. Power lunch at The Palm
    If it's good enough for Toby Zeigler it's good enough for me
  6. Tenement museum
    I will not let a small child cough into my face again though
  7. Hamilton Round 2
    Slowly but surely catching up to Barack's number of visits.
  8. Fiddler on the Roof
    Starring Danny Burnstein. Directed by Bartlett Sherr. It's the non-Gypsy revival we always knew we wanted.
  9. Century 21
    The good one in the business district. A girl can't always get the best Wildfox deals on poshmark.
  10. The Met
    I feel like I could live in the city for the rest of my life and never see the entirety of the Met...at least without Catherine
  11. The Strand
    I'm homesick for the ARC section
  12. Zabar's
    Their tofu spread is better than a tofu spread should ever be. The nicest people on the upper west side.
  13. Bagel & Co.
    Nova sandwich with a seltzer, please.
  14. Cafe Lalo
    I'm the one with a red rose and a book (and the almond tiramisu)
  15. The Grange
    You would like it uptown. It's quiet uptown.
  16. Laduca
    Penelope is a brat and peed on my pair that I've had since high school