1. Cece's Birthday!
    The only thing keeping me from immediately jumping into Halloween is that my best friend came into existence on the 16th. But on the 17th, it's Halloween. (We may or may not be hanging out with her baby nephews and going to New Orleans so there's that too)
  2. College Football is back
    In 30 minutes I'll be putting myself in a Labor Day football coma. I'm starting off with my dad's team Vandy (he went for med school) and ending on Monday with the Rebs! Hotty Toddy!
  3. Groving
    Where there is football there is the Grove. Which means day drinking and yummy food, and themed tents and Pom poms.
  4. Dixie Chicks concert
    Cece and I have decided at the last minute to see the Dixie Chicks next week. How excited are we? Let's just say one time in Nashville we paid a band $20 just to sing "Cowboy Take Me Away." (We may or may not be dressing up as Mary Anne and Wanda so there's that too.)
  5. Fall in general
    Y'all know why Fall is great. That could really be its own list
  6. It means we're getting closer to the end of the election cycle
    God bless us all