In preparation for taking over my entire apartment I embarked on a decluttering binge here are my thoughts...
  1. I should not own headbands thicker than three fingers put together
    They literally cover half of my head and I have five of them
  2. I apparently think that someone will one day put together a retrospective of all the phones I have owned
    From my Nokia to a flip to a burner they all have lived in my desk drawer
  3. Wine and honest friends will clean a closet fast
    Honest friends to tell you that one shrug is too many and that a dress is cut wrong for you and wine to soften the blow
  4. If I can't remember the incredibly important memory the raffle ticket or rock represents it should go
    This actually saddens me a bit- these items were once important and now they do not even register in my brain.
  5. At some point either I or someone else decided I was a Pez person
    I have no memory of this or why I own five Pez dispensers
  6. I can date periods of my life by half empty perfume bottles
    Sarah Jessica Parker- Lovely, Light Blue.
  7. I will purge everything else in my apartment before I even consider touching my books
    I am almost constitutionally incapable of getting rid of books.
  8. I own an insane amount of stationery for someone who doesn't write letters
    I want to but can't seem to get started. I suppose I should start with actually having people's addresses
  9. It does actually make me feel better