Times I Cried During the DNC

So I have enjoyed watching the DNC but it has been a serious tearjerker for me
  1. Watching Michelle Obama's speech
  2. Seeing the Scranton posters for Joe Biden
  3. All of Joe Biden's speech
  4. When the Charleston survivors spoke
  5. Watching Gabby Giffords walking out on stage
  6. Hearing that the mother of Pulse victim spoke because her son was a huge Hillary supporter.
  7. The roll call and the final nomination every single time it is played
  8. Hillary surrounded by young women at the end of Tuesday night
  9. President Obama's speech
  10. The fact that President Obama had to wait for the crowd to stop chanting Hillary
  11. The joy on both Hillary Clinton's and President Obama's face when they met on stage
  12. The story about friends fighting for equal pay at their pizza shop jobs.
  13. The sheriff from Dallas County talking about her dad not wanting her to be a police officer because the police had beaten him for no reason.
  14. The Mothers of the Movement
  15. The family members of fallen police officers