So excited for the purported GG Netflix revival.
  1. Flanders
    Lorelei would hate him. Kirk would grow weary of him. Taylor would love his positive attitude.
  2. Bleeding Gums Murphy
    I smell a turf war between him and the town troubadour
  3. Mr. Burns
    Emily would try to set him up with Trix in an effort to get Trix out of her hair
  4. Patty and Selma Bouvier
    Actively avoided by all townspeople but a great Stars Hollow fixture. Urban legend type back-story that makes all children afraid of them/their house
  5. Apu
    Sets up a Kwik-E-Mart across the street from Dosey's Market. Does not go over well. Many town meetings ensue.
  6. Kent Brockman
    Stands on the corner outside Luke's announcing town gossip. Thinks he's being filmed for the news but no one is there; he's hallucinating. Okay this one got sad...
  7. Barney
    Sleeps it off every night in the gazebo. Sees everything, remembers nothing.