All of these at some point or another have been dubbed my number 1 annoyance
  1. People who use their headphones to talk on the phone
    Just take them out?? You look like you're talking to yourself or even worse, me.
  2. People who laugh when I'm trying to be serious
    I know I'm funny but damn
  3. People who get too close to me at soda fountains
    Leave me alone
  4. People who brown nose
    Brown nosing is a gross metaphor
  5. Saying "uh" or "uhm" in voicemails
    You seriously have every opportunity in the world to correct this, there is absolutely no excuse.
  6. People who don't pick up their feet when they walk
    I have flat feet and even I can do it c'mon
  7. People named Sarah who think they are the only ones named Sarah
    We have such a common name - get it together!
  8. People who reply "oh" and nothing else to a text
    Chances are you have more to say so just say it, or don't say anything at all