Inspired by @Veronique
  1. My name is Sarah 🤗
  2. I'm 19 years old
  3. I find bullets very satisfying which is why I made an account lol
    I'm planning to get a Pomeranian husky in the near future and naming it Cooper, idc idc
  5. I over analyze a lot of things, maybe that's why I'm a Psychology major
  6. If I get offered a free t shirt to go somewhere, you know I'll be there
  7. I'm 5'7
  8. Rihanna makes my life better okay
  9. I love and hate meeting new people
  10. Favorite food is Alfredo 😛
  11. I don't own anything from VS??
  12. I'm an introvert
  13. Tulips are my favorite
  14. I have about three really close friends
  15. I'm a very indecisive person
  16. I've never had a cavity 😎
  17. Chocolate covered pretzels are my fave
  18. I hate pizza in general but will only eat it if it's from Papa Johns. No where else.
  19. I have zero rhythm
  20. And I suck at singing
  21. Rihanna, Zayn Malik, Drake, Future, Jhene Aiko, Mike Stud, Blackbear, Frank Ocean, Melanie Martinez, Bryson Tiller, G Eazy, Kanye 👌
  22. I loooove driving, doesn't matter where
  23. I get tired/bored of things so easily
  24. I make myself laugh more than anyone
  25. I can't FaceTime with just anyone. I FaceTime only two people and that's it
  26. When I don't know how to reply, I like to send gifs.
    Gifs are everything
  27. Snap streaks are very important to me