Inspired by @calliestorie
  1. This bald headed middle aged man when I was maybe 5...? 6?
    I was in the back of my mom's car adjusted to my carseat for little kids and this guy kept calling me adorable and told my mom she has the cutest daughter...he right
  2. This short man who didn't hold the door open for me at target knowing I was behind him
    It was last year. I still haven't forgotten and probably never will
  3. This rude cashier at McDonald's
    Called order #38 so many times (I was #39 she said #38 by mistake that's why I never went to get my food) asked if I had order whatever I ordered I said yes and she said I've been calling your order for the longest, where you been???
  4. This little girl who called me scary because I had my braces on two years ago
    I'm only human
  5. Woman who cussed me and my friend out on a plane because we were laughing too much
    You ruined my plane experience ma'am
  6. Random guy who catcalled me and my friend at a park
  7. Very old lady during my childhood who yelled at me for going into her apartment complex
  8. Girl who gave me change for a dollar to get a soda on campus because she saw that the machine had trouble taking my dollar
    Bless your soul
  9. Guy who let his wiener dog chase me when I was 7 when I was deathly afraid of dogs for some reason
    Why did you laugh that wasn't funny