my life currently...graduating in less than two weeks.
  1. Get excited!
    You're so fucking ready to leave your college town and be done with undergrad.
  2. Anxiety
    What am I doing after graduation, you ask? No fucking clue.
  3. Get a fucking clue.
    Start to look at graduate programs and cry and the cost.
  4. Anxiety
    Because you were thinking so much about after graduation, your current undergrad grades start to slip. Fuuuuuck.
  5. Focus on finishing undergrad strong.
  6. Exit counseling for student loans is due.
    Fuck why did I go to an expensive out of state school. Fuck why do I have to be the youngest of 6 kids. Fuck why couldn't my parents help me at all with tuition.
  7. Nervous breakdown.
  8. Emotional crying phone call with mom.
    She tells you to focus on graduation first and then figure out the rest.
  9. Student loan nightmares.
    Yup, every night.
  10. Decorate your cap!
    Yay, exciting! Woo! Put a funny/charming quote on it to conceal your sadness of your imminent poor future.
  11. Get through finals week.
    At this point, you're a pro so this really doesn't phase you.
  12. Graduation day!
    You've worked so hard and it's finally paying off!...or so you think.
  13. Real world.
  14. P.S.
    If anyone wants to help me pay my student loans and/or give me a bomb ass job that would be 👌🏼💯