Hotties that can get it

This is purely a list of hotties that I would totally date, if given the chance.
  1. Total bae. Voice of an angel, amazing sense of humor, and hot hipster beard.
  2. Hugh Grant
    I'm a sucker of 90s rom coms and basically all my faves are starring this dude.
  3. Chris Pratt
    I would've dated him as Andy Dwyer and I would still date him as a velociraptor trainer.
  4. Dev Patel
    Like did you see him at this years Oscars?!
  5. Colin Firth
    Another leading man of my many fave rom coms.
  6. Ben Feldman
    He's always playing the nice hot guy that doesn't get enough attention.
  7. Donald Glover
    Troy Barnes has my heart forever.