this happened two weeks ago and I'm still cringing
  1. I live in a dorm at school and the fire alarm goes off frequently
    College kids apparently cannot cook easy mac without having the fire alarm go off
  2. I pulled an all-nighter the night before to cram for an exam during hell week
    Hell week is the week before finals week
  3. I was finally done for the day and decided I deserved a nap after not sleeping for 26ish hours
  4. I fell asleep and as was well
    Or so I thought
  5. I had a "dream" that my alarm on my phone wouldn't shut off
    This "dream" was reality and the phone alarm was the fire alarm
  6. I continued to sleep even though this horrible alarm was happening in my "dream"
  7. I actually wake up and hear the fire alarm and also hear people knocking on the door in the common room (I have roommates but we have separate bedrooms)
  8. Disheveled and confused I answer the door to an RA and two police officers shining a flashlight in my face
    I am shaking at this point
    Scary lady officer screamed at me
  10. "I was sleeping...I haven't slept and I'm tired"
    I sound delusional
  11. The RA opens each individual room and the police officers are looking at each smoke detector
    "Your room is causing the alarm" -scary lady officer
  12. "Why are you still in here?" - old man officer
  13. "I need to get shoes"
    Me to the RA
  14. "...okaaaay, do you have shoes?"
    Obviously I have shoes
  15. I go back in my room to get shoes and the scary lady police officer is looking in my room
    Probably for drugs cause I was acting cray
  16. I go outside to a bunch of people from my hall staring at me
    Wonderful. Don't have a bra on and my hair is insane
  17. Apparently the alarm has been going off for 10 minutes
  18. I didn't bring my phone outside
    Double oops
  19. I definitely don't want to talk to anyone
    I want to die