Names my Boss Calls the Characters on GOT (Spoilers)

Let me preface this by saying I have the most amazing boss. He is so great, but he doesn't really care about remembering all the names on Game of Thrones... Here are just a few that I've actually heard him say.
  1. "That Lady"
    "Someone better tell that lady to put her necklace back on."
  2. "The bald guy"
  3. "The dragon lady"
    "They better watch out cuz that dragon lady is coming!"
  4. "That asshole"
    "I couldn't believe it when Arya showed up and killed that asshole guy."
  5. "Night zombies"
  6. "That child killing sick son of a bitch"
  7. "John Snow"
    For some reason he just remembers John Snow...