Shopping and drinking mead is always fun, but as a consummate faire goer, here are some of my favorite activities.
  1. Visit the knife throwers!
    Arnold and Stewart are a father/duo that never fail to make me laugh. The show is a little bawdy, but still fun for kids!
  2. Eat something ridiculous
    Meat on a stick, bbq sundaes, turkey legs. Have an adventure and eat something silly.
  3. Put your friends in the stocks.
  4. Visit the Queen and watch her dance and recite Shakespeare
  5. Listen to the Dulcimer
  6. See the Fairies prance
    They're always so lovely
  7. Hair braiding!
    If you take care of it, it can last for up to a week! You might need to enlist a friend to help take it out, though.
  8. Archery!
    Maybe you can be as cool as me, and hit a bullseye!
  9. Kiss your SO in the Kissing Bridge!
  10. Watch the joust!
    The day is over until you've watched a bunch of men on horses try to knock each other off
  11. Look cute AF
    Costumes are not required for you to have a great time at the Faire, but even in plain clothes, sometimes it's fun to throw on a hip scarf or a pirate hat!