A story.
  1. I was hugely pregnant.
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  2. My mother had been in the ICU for several days due to Hyponatremia. It's when you don't have enough salt in your body and go kind of crazy. We have no idea how she got this.
  3. My brother, who lives in California, was here to help with my mom. Our neighbor invited us all over for a theme party: gourmet grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup.
  4. It was the first home UNC football game, first night since Spring with a chill in the air.
  5. When I left neighbor's, my friend Thomas touched my belly and said, "Baby, see you soon."
  6. Brother went to spend night at hospital. Husband stayed drinking beer at neighbor's. I went to bed.
  7. Woke up a couple of hours later, all emotional about my mom. Thought: "Baby, you need to come. I need you now." Felt a pop. My water broke.
  8. Husband had JUST come to bed. I said, "Honey?" He was so tired. I drove us to hospital, sitting on a towel. This was about 12:15am.
  9. The next day, at 2:53pm, my daughter was delivered via C-section. My mom was two floors below, same hospital. My brother was first person who held her after husband and I. Despite circumstances, so glad he was there.
  10. She's the best thing that ever happened to me. Period. Happy birthday, baby.
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