1. Making A Murderer on Netflix.
    I love true crime AND documentaries. I would have totally watched entire series already but husband is wanting to go one ep at a time. Damn!
  2. Bitch Sesh podcast.
    As a Real Housewives super fan, I have tried a LOT of podcasts on the subject. This one is my Just Right. It's perfect. Thank you, @caseywilson!
  3. Buying apps.
    Might be the new year. Or not shopping in stores much lately. But I cannot stop blowing through my iTunes gift cards. I especially keep buying calendar apps. What is wrong with me?
  4. Panera's Egg White, Spinach and Avocado breakfast sandwich.
    Proudly chosen as my second breakfast for way too many weeks running now.
  5. Thich Nhat Hanh.
    I bought YOU ARE HERE shortly before the holidays and it is really helpful. I read only a page or so a day, then re-read it because I read too fast and not at ALL mindfully.
  6. Purging junk out of my house.
    Watch out, cluttered drawers and never worn sweaters! Your days are numbered.
  7. Instagram.
    Have been on it forever. But my husband, who previously refused to join any social media, now has account. I love seeing his posts! (We've been married 15 years.)
  8. Turks & Caicos.
    Turned 45 this year and we celebrated our 15 year anniversary. Saved for months for this vacation to T&C. Two weeks away! Wow.