I've published 12 novels. Shouldn't this be easier by now?!
  1. Wake up. Immediately think about the fact that I need to write at some point, feel dread.
    Usually this happens before I even am out of bed.
  2. Do morning stuff: workout, errands, family obligations.
    I don't write before noon, usually. I first began writing when I had a morning job and waited tables at night, so my brain is trained for afternoons. But if I am near end of book or have no other chance that day, I buckle down whenever I can.
  3. Lunch.
    Getting closer now. Dread increasing.
  4. Read and/or take power nap.
    Have to reset somehow.
  5. Sit at computer. Eat a piece of chocolate. Allow 10-15 minutes on internet. Then tell myself to stop stalling and get to it.
  6. Open current document. Try to breathe. Go back to what I wrote yesterday and edit it.
  7. Ideally, this editing flows me right into writing new stuff. On bad days, this is slow or happens not at all. On good one, hours pass and I don't even realize it.
  8. Look at clock (good or bad day), realize I have Written and can now stop!
    The best part of the day.
  9. Repeat the next day, until book is done.