I am just SURE one of them (or one I don't yet have) will make me organized. Edit: I downloaded Sunrise after so many recommended it in the comments. Thanks, everyone!
  1. Standard Apple calendar.
    Let's face it: this is for beginners only.
  2. Fantastical.
    Best one so far for daily calendar. Love being able to dictate events. Not loving the week and month view, though.
  3. Google Calendar.
    I'm always having to resync this one, for some reason. Do love the little pictures of meals and birthday presents! (I'm easily entertained.)
  4. Tiny Month.
    Do you hate the ...and 2 more things on most monthly calendars? Who has time to click and expand? (And yet, I DO have time to buy apps like this.) See your whole month at once, neatly. Win!
  5. Awesome Cal.
    I got sucked into this one because it offers both Agenda and Filofax views, which make me all nostalgic for my old paper planners of the 90s. I miss them!
  6. Day One.
    Not so much a calendar as much as a journaling app, or so I tell myself. Yet, still on this list.
  7. Informant.
    I got this for the month view before I found Tiny Month. Need to delete it. Have not.
  8. Week Calendar.
    Didn't even remember I HAD this until I found it buried in an ETC. folder. Have I deleted it? What do you think?