Current Recent Events for Me Personally

Is the summer flying by, or is it just me?
  1. Spent some of last week at White Lake, NC, where I ate homemade Chex Mix at every meal including breakfast, got slightly sunburned and stayed in a motel that provided these 3 things.
    The ashtray was the real surprise. You can still smoke in some establishments. Who knew?
  2. Came home to happy dogs and had play date with daughter's BFF. When I wasn't looking she got a ton of Bunchems stuck in her hair, which are basically plastic burrs. Disaster.
    Readers of Ramona Quimby may remember when she did something similar. Thank goodness my neighbor is basically a tangle whisperer and got them out. Eventually.
  3. While walking to visit my parents, daughter darted in front of me, I tripped and went down hard on sidewalk. Busted my knee BADLY.
    Although she was so freaked and sorry, and my parents concerned, that I had to pretend I was fine even as I got all shaky and teary and the pain set in. I am all about not making others uncomfortable. Apparently.
  4. Upside: nothing broken (I don't think) and now I have excuse to rest and read.
    Am trying also to convince husband to give me little bell with which to summon him. No dice so far. Not giving up, though.