I've had a few.
  1. Buying my daughter a kazoo.
    Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  2. Getting bangs.
    Never again.
  3. Not appreciating my twenty year old body while I had it.
    Have a feeling I'll never get past this one.
  4. Being too fearful/anxious to do study abroad or really travel widely at ALL when I was younger.
    This is a big one. Fear cost me a lot. I hate that.
  5. Not asking Kristen Bell more questions when I won a contest to be her date for the Veronica Mars premiere.
    Maybe we would have bonded and be BFFs now! Okay, probably not.
  6. Every moment I have spent stressing about my career when it was actually all good and I should have been enjoying it.
  7. Starting this list. *is depressed*