Stuff I'm into that is taking my mind off the state of the world. Sometimes.
  1. Hootsuite.
    I have struggled for AGES with dealing with my work social media, especially my Facebook page, with which I just have ISSUES. Enter Hootsuite, where I can post to that page without having to GO to it, as well as check in on Twitter and Instagram as well. Right now I'm on a 30 day trial. We'll see if I still like it enough to pay when that's done.
  2. Cauliflower Crust Pizza.
    Made this for the first time yesterday, using pre-cut cauliflower "rice" and a recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I screwed it up the first time, but the second was actually decent. Enough so that I felt guilty after eating a ton of it, just like with "real" pizza! Which, of course, will always be my true love.
  3. Big Little Lies.
    Tried to watch this with my husband, but he was not into it. So I started again in afternoons, when I am now signing 6000 sheets to be tipped into my new book. I need something to do and watch, and I am glad because I am LOVING this show. Especially Reese Witherspoon's character, who is hanging on by a thread I can wholly recognize. Also, her clothes are AMAZING.
  4. Original Sharpies.
    The first time I signed tip-ins, back in 2007 (God I am old) I used a ballpoint. The next few times I did, too. I was just NOT a Sharpie girl. But I have come around and now I don't want to use anything else. The shape! The smell! On sale at Staples! Oh, I'm getting woozy.
  5. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares.
    These help in the afternoons, too. Or so I like to tell myself. (Also, on sale at CVS more often than not, just FYI.)
  6. The song "Shiny" from Moana.
    Note: I used to think this song was a good thing. Now it's been stuck in my head for two full days, I feel like I am going insane. So, you know, listen at your own risk.