Because someone asked for more details.
  1. Last afternoon of our Cape Cod trip. Swimsuits already packed. My daughter begged for one last swim, even though it was cloudy.
  2. I gave in, we went to beach. Two of my aunts were already there, getting ready for their traditional afternoon Ladies Swim. I went into water with my kid. A few minutes later, they swam out past us.
  3. Daughter began to whine she was cold and went back to beach to play with her cousin. I kept swimming just off shore, keeping an eye on my aunts. They were headed back in.
  4. I looked back at the kids, dove under. When I came up, checked on aunts again. N was swimming. P was gone.
  5. I looked again, assuming she was behind a boat or something. Then I saw the slope of her back, the back of her head. Facedown in water.
  6. N yelled to me. "Sarah, she's not swimming anymore!" I dove in, swam out to her. N and I turned P over: she was blue, not responsive. I kept yelling her name.
  7. I hooked my arm around her and swam into shore, with N pushing from behind. On beach, she was still blue. I had never done CPR in my life. Everything I know about lifesaving I learned from watching Baywatch. I'm serious.
  8. That said, I had to do something. So I opened her mouth, breathed into it. Pumped her chest. Nothing. More breaths. More pumps. Then, finally, I heard it: a gurgle. She was alive.
  9. I turned her on her side and she spit up some water. Then suddenly my husband was there, saying ambulance was en route. P reached out for N's leg. I could see her breathing.
  10. She was in hospital for last few days. Probably released today. I'm back home in NC, still fully freaked. Waiting for day I don't see her blue face every time I close my eyes. Maybe tomorrow.
  11. The End.