Retail therapy is not actual therapy, Dessen.
  1. Technology.
    I bought an Amazon Echo and got completely obsessed with it. Now I have two Dots, as well. I keep programming them and adding speakers and it's like a sickness. IT MUST END. This is how I am dealing with the election. Apparently.
  2. Gifts for no specific person.
    When I see something and think, "I'll buy that, it will be great for someone!" it always ends up in my closet, in a box with all the OTHER things I bought without assigned recipients. If an item doesn't appeal to me because it would be great for someone, I cannot just buy it For Later. Anymore.
  3. Lipsticks.
    These days only one brand doesn't inflame my super sensitive lips. I have plenty of said brand. NO MORE OTHER BRANDS. What am I trying to do? Do I WANT an allergic reaction?
  4. Things in checkout aisles put there SPECIFICALLY for me to add them to my purchases on impulse.
    This list includes, but is not limited to, candy, magazines, holiday trinkets and, yes, technology. Of course I need another cord! I can give it to Someone!
  5. Books.
    Actually, no. This one I won't stop. Right now, I'm stressed and escaping into a story is actually the kind of therapy I DO need. Keep the words coming.