Decluttering made me face some hard truths.
  1. Blank books.
    It's a sickness. Especially Moleskines. I never use more than one page before abandoning plan to be person who uses blank books.
  2. Travel containers for shampoo, lotion, etc.
    I just cleaned out a cabinet and found TEN, unused. I don't travel that much. Does anyone?
  3. Cosmetic bags.
    I use ONE on a daily basis. So why do I have twenty? I can't even blame the Clinique free gift, I bought all of these on my own. Which leads me to...
  4. Trial sizes of makeup.
    Birchbox was my downfall. Step one: ooh! This will totally change my look/life! Step two: it's..okay. Step three: abandoned in graveyard drawer with brethren. Repeat.
  5. Cheap plastic toys daughter begs for, then abandons the way I do new makeup trial sizes.
    I'm looking at you, Happy Meals. But I guess I am actually looking at myself. Sigh.
  6. Office supplies.
    Do I really need both chalkboard tape and dry erase tape? Apparently not.