The pressure is on, y'all.
  1. My husband is at a reptile show in Richmond, VA this weekend. So I am in charge of the household, which we usually tag-team, all by myself.
    My kid, who is 9, I can handle. Dogs aren't hard. Chickens, not really either.
  2. But the lizard upkeep makes me NERVOUS.
    And this time he tried to make it simple for me. And I'm sure, for him, it is.
  3. Kid is fed. Dogs are also fed and, although watching door for him (he's the favorite) are okay.
    I guess I need to deal with the lizards?
  4. Okay, first the easy stuff.
    Turtles: cute!
  5. Now, watering the frilled lizards.
    I was so worried this one was dead, but I'm pretty sure I saw a breath being taken.
  6. And the guys out in the hallway.
    I don't even know what they are, as they are always hiding.
  7. Luckily I have a helper.
    (I didn't actually let her spray anything, though.)
  8. Super grateful I don't have to deal with these guys.
    I'd take a million more chickens or dogs, to be honest.