Still all shaky.
  1. About an hour ago my pup Roxy snuck through a hole in our backyard fence and took off. We couldn't find her anywhere. Terrifying.
  2. She's 12lbs, never been loose before. We had friends over and we all took off in different directions, calling for her. My kid was sobbing.
  3. I was tromping through woods, screaming her name until I was hoarse. Bargaining with universe. "I'll be a better person, I promise."
    Moments like this, I always promise to be a better person. Somehow.
  4. Neighbors all came out to help on bikes and on foot. It was getting dark and cold. I was like, please, please, please. Screaming for her.
  5. Neighbor Greg speeds up on bike. "FOUND HER!" She was at far away neighbors, scared, wouldn't come to them. They tempted her with hot dog.
  6. I started running. Haven't run since I broke kneecap in June. Forgot this fact. RAN.
    I may be sore tomorrow. We'll see.
  7. Husband zoomed up behind me in truck. I waved him on, saying to go get her. He did. When he came back, she was panting. Hot dog fed. Man.
    She did not EVEN seem sorry, FYI.
  8. She still isn't nearly as apologetic as I feel she should be. But she is exhaustehd, and back with her bestie. So.
  9. I will be a better person now. Just watch.