Okay, it's not dragon slaying. But still: important to me.
  1. The perfect white T-shirt.
    This is ongoing for me. I love LOVE a plain, good white T. Goes with everything, always looks fresh (if I can keep it clean, a big if). I'd wear them every day as my uniform, Michael Kors style, if I could. For awhile I was into Splendid, then these ones from Nordstrom Rack. Just ordered from Everlane. Will these be the one? Stay tuned.
  2. An strength workout I'll actually do more than once.
    I hate lifting weights and am always joining gyms, feeling terrible about not going, and then quitting them. I do yoga weekly but fear I am close to wiggly spaghetti arms if I'm not careful. But ANY workout I clip from magazine or see on internet I do once and never again. Sigh.
  3. The best pizza in Chapel Hill-Carrboro NC.
    For now, this one is on hold as I have decided it is Anna Maria's in Carrboro Plaza. However there are new places opening all over, so I'll probably have to start it up again. You're welcome.
  4. Writing as good as book as one of my previous ones.
    This is my fault, because I read the comments on my FB and other places where people say, "Her best book was Just Listen!" or "She hasn't been as good since The Truth About Forever!" I think, "Challenge accepted!" Cut to me on my office floor, sobbing. And, repeat.
  5. Keeping tangles out of my daughter's hair.
    I have straight brown hair with a weird occasional wave to it. She has curly corkscrews that mat to dreadlocks if I don't torture her with a ritual of conditioner, leave in conditioner, combing and argon oil. And sometimes all that doesn't work either. Challenge accepted?
  6. Understanding Snapchat.
    Latest failure at this: two days ago. I keep trying, thinking I'll figure it out, but then get confused, feel old, and become depressed. I'm codependent with enough things. Does a social media app HAVE to be part of the list? (Says the person on social media app RIGHT THIS SECOND. Maybe dragons ARE easier?)