I just read a list by @BuzzFeed (25 THINGS YOU NEED TO LIVE LIKE AN ACTUAL ADULT) and it inspired me to share this.
  1. Years ago, When I was in my early 20s, I was a waitress at a Mexican restaurant here in Chapel Hill.
    I worked with a lot of people I considered much cooler than I was. Lots of people in bands, people who KNEW people in bands, that kind of thing. Meanwhile I was kind of dorky and wanted to be a writer.
  2. One night, we were all doing our money and discussing our plans for the next day.
    Or maybe just I was talking about this. Most of my co-workers stayed out all night, then slept the following day until they had to drag themselves back to work, usually hungover and grumpy. I was often the only one who didn't go out after work. Why? No idea. I totally should have, I was young!
  3. Anyway, I said, "Oh! I need to buy stamps!"
    Because I did.
  4. This VERY cool girl, who was crazy tattooed before everyone started doing it, laughed. "Stamps?" She laughed again. "Really?"
    You would have thought I said I needed denture cream or a taxidermy kit.
  5. I felt like such a dork. Clearly, cool people don't buy stamps at 23.
    Or at least they don't talk about it. I never forgot this moment. Over the months and then years it incapsulated all the reasons I felt so awkward and uncool around a lot of those people. I couldn't mail anything without remembering it.
  6. About a year ago, on a Saturday morning, I was at a quiet strip mall when a man approached me.
    He did not speak English and was carrying an addressed envelope. After some confused exchanges I figured out he was looking for the nearby post office to mail an important letter.
  7. I showed him where it was, then tried to explain it wasn't open on Saturdays.
    I remain the kind of person who knows hours of specific post offices.
  8. He seemed very panicked: he needed to mail this letter. But he had no stamp and now couldn't buy one.
    I bet you see where this is going.
  9. So I opened my wallet and pulled out the stamps I ALWAYS CARRY WITH ME, pulled one off, and helped him put it on his letter.
    He was very grateful. Then I watched him walk over, stick it in the mailbox, and go back to his car.
  10. I felt very vindicated.
    And grateful I still carry stamps, even if back then it made me look like a dork. The End.
  11. Fun fact: the girl who laughed at me is still in town, not that she'd ever remember me. I see her around. But not at the post office.