We all have them.
  1. Getting my first spanking.
    I think I was about five or six. Had just learned the expression "damn it" and would not stop saying it. Mom spanked me, then read me The Night Before Christmas. She claims this never happened.
  2. Freaking out thinking I poisoned family pet.
    Middle school. Got my dad a huge Special Dark candy bar, wrapped it, put it under tree. Our dog, Jeffrey, ate it. Survived. Thank God.
  3. Almost had no money for gifts.
    One year after college when I was a waitress, I had no money for gifts because I had to pay rent and bills. Took last minute day-before-Christmas Eve dinner shift to try and make some. Dropped and lost a personal check customer wrote for their bill (this was the 90s!) so when I went to do my drawer at end of service I actually OWED money instead of making any. I cried. My boss came in, asked me what happened, and told me not to worry about it. I never forgot that. Thanks, Vicki.
  4. Stomach virus from hell.
    I was felled Christmas Eve afternoon: husband in middle of night. Daughter was two. Could not call in help because we were so contagious. We look so miserable in every picture. It's kind of funny now? Okay, it isn't.