It's only 8am.
  1. Man, early forties, rough around edges, who waited on us at breakfast. Said it was his second day, looked nervous as women who have worked there forever watched him like a hawk.
    I tipped him $5.
  2. Couple in their thirties (?) having intense conversation in pier parking lot at 7:20 am. They were sitting on grass, both gesturing quite a bit. Were they breaking up? Siblings on vacation not getting along? Still up from night before?
    I'll never know, but I will speculate.
  3. Woman in her fifties sitting on pier in camp chair. No fishing pole like everyone else, but she did have a pack of Salems and a look of tired introspection.
    Water will make you think.
  4. Younger guy, shirtless, walking three large dogs across parking lot. Barefoot. Our eyes met and I felt totally judged.
    I might be a bit hypersensitive.