She attends an elementary school that's somewhat rural. She loves it SO much.
  1. Mom with a neck tattoo.
    I think it's initials but I don't want to stare to make sure.
  2. Boy, I'm guessing 10 or so, wearing two huge gold chains with dollar signs hanging off of them.
    They may be part of a Halloween costume. Not sure.
  3. Another boy definitely in costume as Harry Potter, who looks just like him.
  4. Lots of camo prints.
    Seen so far: pants, jackets, t-shirts and a hat.
  5. Surprising number of people with crutches, casts or those walkable boots you wear for injuries.
    Is it extra dangerous in this area? Should I be worried?
  6. Preteen girl dressed in what looks like a rubber bustier and leather bondage pants. Plus glasses.
    I really hope it's a costume.
  7. Woman who is bitter that she can't win the freaking cakewalk no matter how many times she does it.
    That would be me. It's not fair!