Am I way too grumpy? Oh, don't answer that.
  1. iTunes.
    OH my goodness. Are they trying to make us hate this? I just deleted the shortcut from my laptop in a fit of pique. I am not even sure what that means but AAARUGH.
  2. People who make racist comments in my presence and force me to correct them.
    I have someone in my life I cannot really avoid who keeps doing this. I keep stopping her. I hate it. ENOUGH.
  3. When women are totally made up with seriously done hair on TV shows where they are supposed to be "regular women."
    I'm looking at you, Quantico. Like, literally, I am watching right now.
  4. NPR Pledge Drives.
    I know they are necessary! But I give monthly as sustainer, and wish there was a way this made me free of them.
  5. People who assume writing novels for teens is easier, because, well, teens.
    May I refer you to my therapist for backup on this?
  6. Oatmeal raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies.
    Damn you.