1. Naps.
    The free mood stabilizer! Everything might not be all better after one, but I never feel worse. My reset button.
  2. Babysitters.
    Of course you live your kid to death. But sometimes you need a break. You'll be a better parent for it. And you can take a nap!
  3. Date nights away from your children.
    Singlehandedly saving my marriage for a few years now. See also: babysitters.
  4. Television.
    I know, we're not supposed to admit it, but I love TV, always have. Escapism and company during tough times, plus some great stories, and who doesn't need that?
  5. Therapy.
    There's no shame in needing to talk things out with someone who will really listen. Therapy has saved me, no joke.
  6. A nice glass of wine at 5pm.
    Go ahead. I am sure you earned it. Why not add a nice bowl of salty snacks, as well?
  7. Self care.
    See all items above.