Remember when Spring Break was about beaches and body shots? Yeah, me neither.
  1. Daughter finished school Friday. I immediately came down with husband's cold, right before we headed to visit friends in VA.
    I was like, "I'm fine!" Note: I wasn't.
  2. Arrived at hotel and immediately had one of those horrible customer service experiences that makes you want to turn around and go home.
    Front desk person basically waved us over so impatiently as if snapping at us was his next move. SIGH. Couldn't get into room until hours after check in time. Etc.
  3. Went to cookout with friends, where my cold blew up into CRAZY sneezing.
    Spent Sunday night blowing my nose pretty much over and over, worst guest at a cookout ever. Sorry, Richmond.
  4. But my Tarheels beat Kentucky!!!
    Final Four BOUND and it feels good. (Especially since getting spanked in final game last year. Note: I follow NO OTHER SPORTS but UNC basketball.)
  5. The next day we went bowling! And I won!
    Well, the first game. And we did have old fashioned bumpers up. But still!
  6. Meanwhile I was complaining to hotel corporate office about experience, to front desk guy (same one who was awful to us, still awful) etc, etc.
    I should just never leave home.
  7. I had fried oysters and fried green tomatoes with pimiento cheese and bacon for lunch, even though they ate up EVERY ONE of my Weight Watchers Points.
    Worth it.
  8. Went swimming at hotel pool. Had crazy allergic reaction to the chlorine level and my eyes swelled shut and teared constantly. Could not stop crying.
    It was a nice look for dinner.
  9. Hung out with DEAR FRIENDS we adore both nights who did not care that I was sneezing and swollen.
    They rule.
  10. Left this morning. Had lost valet ticket so they refused to give husband our car until I showed my ID. He got offended and had words with attendant.
    They hate us SO MUCH.
  11. Got home and realized we'd left daughter's prized blanket. She started sobbing.
    Called hotel, who hate us, and begged them to look for it. As they were doing that, I found it in my suitcase. Then I had to apologize for the trouble. They REALLY hate us now.
  12. HOME! Dogs played hard to get. Then we went to Target, which made everything better.
    It always does.
  13. And we still have so many days left! No body shots or beaches, but at least we are home.
    I'll take it.