Always depend on it.
  1. Wayne and Darlene.
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    I was at a PF Chang's in Michigan, at the bar alone, when I found out my latest book had hit #3 on the NYT list. These folks started talking to me and we celebrated. Later, they invited me to their lake house "anytime."
  2. Anne, on the Newark Flight.
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    Last day of travel after two weeks on the road. Drank glass of wine, ate not enough chips. Got in wrong line at terminal gate and some woman snapped at me. I was so tired and emotional I burst into tears. Cried entire time boarding: could not stop. This woman, Anne, who was my seat mate, asked if I was okay. She was so kind I stopped crying. Eventually.
  3. Mandy Moore.
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    When my first two books were made into a movie, she was the star. Was SO nice to me. I show everyone these pictures even though I look awful in both of them. Wouldn't you?
  4. Josh Elliott, from Good Morning America.
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    When I was standing outside studio, he got me in AND made sure my sign got on air. Later, he got me ON the show for a segment. We are still Twitter friends.